Achilles Tendinitis

Achilles tendonitis is a condition where the Achilles tendon (the strong tendon behind the ankle that connects the heel bone to the calf) becomes inflamed and causes pain. It is generally caused by overuse or overtraining especially if the training involved is uphill as this puts an extra strain on the tendon as it has to stretch more.

As well as this, Achilles tendonitis often develops in those that have flat feet as the flatness of the foot puts extra stress on the Achilles tendon. 


With Achilles tendonitis, the tendon becomes inflamed and the skin around the tendon can become quite red and swollen making exercise quite painful. Treatment should be sought as soon as possible to avoid further damage, if the Achilles tendon becomes overstretched it can partially tear or completely snap (Achilles tendon rupture).

Our Pain Relief Solutions

Structural imbalances in the foot may affect the position of the ankles and knees. When these joints are out of alignment – even a little – the muscles in the leg must work harder to help keep those joints in a neutral position and maintain body balance. PodSoles are designed to stabilize the structure of the foot and realign the skeletal system, which can help take the strain off the affected the muscles.